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World’s 1st Hybrid Cargo Vessel Leaves Shipyard

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Aasfjell, a battery hybrid bulk carrier newbuild ordered by Norway’s shipping company Aasen Shipping, has left the Royal Bodewes shipyard in Hoogezand, the Netherlands.

It has been towed to the Port of Delfzijl. The 9,300 dwt general cargo vessel is said to be the very first newly built hybrid ship in Europe and is believed to be the world’s first hybrid cargo ship.

Launched in October 2021, Aasfjell is the first of two identical hybrid-powered bulkers ordered by Aasen Shipping. The second unit, Aasfossen, is still under construction at the abovementioned yard. It is scheduled for delivery in April 2022, data provided by VesselsValue shows.

Both vessels have an optimized hull design and main engines that reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Each of the 5,720 GT sister units has a length of 120 meters, a width of 15.8 meters and a draft of 7.5 meters.

According to Aasen, the ships will be the largest selfdischarges with excavators in the market. Electric excavators will enable nearly noise-free loading and discharging operations.

Each ship features a battery package enabling reduced fuel consumption of about 400 tons per year.

The battery package will also enable peak shaving on the main engine, reducing emissions and fuel consumption. What is more, will enable propulsion and maneuvering in the port without the use of the main engine.

The combination of electric excavator, battery and connection to shore grid enable operations completely free of emissions when in port, Aasen added.

Source: Offshore Energy

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