MTT Shipping Logistics Centre commenced On-Dock Depot operations in January 2020 to provide comprehensive container depot services, ensuring the incoming empty containers are in optimal condition for transhipment, export and local use. Aside from a storage capacity of 4,500 TEUs, the depot is also equipped with container-related facilities including container surveying and handling, pre-trip inspection, as well as maintenance and repair for all types of container. 

The depot consistently strives to achieve fast turnaround time by maintaining an optimal equipment ratio. Maintenance is a top priority and and carried out by experienced professionals, allowing merchant trucks to be serviced efficiently upon entering the depot, thus improving overall efficiency and eliminating congestion issue. 

The depot is also equipped with a systematic traffic management system, possessing the following unique features. 


An automated online trucking appointment system is used to improvise, facilitate and expedite the process of submitting Container Movement Orders. This system allows the depot to prepare equipment prior to pick up, thus increasing the efficiency and service quality of the depot.


Live location of the trucks can be monitored using the GPS solution. By having information on the ETA of the truck and the sequence of arrival, Operations team can manage gate traffic more effectively. 


Truck drivers equipped with the mobile application can enable preferential or express servicing at the depot. With paperless gate in process, the truck turnaround time can be improved significantly.