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Unveiling the Impacts of Red Sea Crisis on Shipping & Global Trade with the Managing Director of MTT Shipping

The Red Sea Crisis has sent shockwaves through the shipping and logistics industry, prompting a closer examination of its far-reaching impacts on global trade.

In an enlightening investor/analyst call hosted at the Maybank IB Industry Series Event, Mr. Ooi Lean Hin, Managing Director of MTT Shipping Sdn. Bhd. and Chairman of Shipping Association Malaysia (SAM) provided invaluable insights into the effects of this crisis.

With his wealth of experience and expertise, Mr. Ooi Lean Hin shed light on the challenges and opportunities emerging from the Red Sea Crisis, offering strategic perspectives for stakeholders in the maritime sector.

Scan the QR codes below to watch the session and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the Red Sea Crisis.    


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