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Shipping Industry Sees Growth in Remote Surveys in Times of Coronavirus Crisis

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As the maritime industry adjusts to the constraints placed on people’s movements imposed by governments to limit the spread of the coronavirus, remote ship surveys and inspections are becoming increasingly popular.

Classification societies report a surge in remote inspections despite the fact that the industry has been relatively slow in the adoption of new digital technologies.

Specifically, remote surveys and inspections mean that surveyors do not have to be physically present on board a vessel, which is especially important during these challenging times caused by COVID-19. Instead, by using an online connection or video streaming link, a team of remote surveyors can provide support to vessels anywhere in the world with documentation, images, video and input provided by clients and crewmembers.

Digital technologies ensure that class services are delivered without disruptions, without compromising the safety of crew and surveyors.

It is anticipated that remote inspection devices could become commonplace in the future, replacing or assisting the attendance of surveyors.

Source: Offshore Energy

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