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MyORI Services Launches App to Combat Counterfeit Products in Malaysia

MyORI Services Sdn Bhd has launched the MyORI SmartSecure, a patent-pending secure labelling platform, to combat counterfeit products in Malaysia.

MyORI Services chief executive officer Ling Ken Ji said the platform utilises encryption and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to deliver secure authentication of products that bear MyORI SmartSecure labels.

“Consumers will be able to verify the authenticity of products in hand with a simple tap and scan, using the MyORI SmartSecure Consumer mobile application,” Ling said during the launching ceremony on Thursday (June 2).

“Key features include being able to check on a product’s status, recalls or regulatory actions, learn about the product’s standards compliance, and giving users a convenient tool to lodge reports with KPDNHEP (Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) in the the event of suspicion or counterfeit or other problems,” he added.

The MyORI Services in collaboration with SHSA World Sdn Bhd has engaged with the KPDNHEP to review the implementation of the MyORI SmartSecure platform in the Malaysian marketplace, MyORI Services said in a statement.

“In today’s environment of high inflation and a weakening currency, the importance of consumers getting their money’s worth out of every hard-earned ringgit cannot be understated.

“Yet, Malaysia is frequently shocked with news of counterfeit syndicates fleecing consumers with fake products. Besides spending money in vain, consumers are also exposed to health and safety risks from using and consuming fake products.

“The MyORI SmartSecure labelling system takes the Malaysian market a step beyond holograms and safety/manufacturing standards claims that are simply printed on packaging, instead delivering a cloud-based database and easy tap/scan verification of product details for the benefit of both consumers and KPDNHEP enforcement officers,” said the statement.

KPDNHEP Deputy Minister Datuk Rosol Wahid said he believes that MyORI SmartSecure will help tackle the issue of counterfeit goods.

Rosol said the advent of products equipped with MyORI SmartSecure labels will aid consumers in identifying authentic products.

“This allows consumers to check and buy genuine items, especially for food or medicinal products. Other products are also open to register with MyORI Services,” he said.

Source: The Edge Markets

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