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MTT Shipping Advocates for Global Awareness on GHG Emissions at Singapore Shipping Week

MTT Shipping's representative recently attended a session on the importance of improving awareness on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during Singapore Shipping Week’s seminar on International Green Policy & Efforts for a Net Zero Future.

The seminar focused on the global shipping industry's efforts to decarbonize in line with the Paris Agreement's temperature goals, and the potential role of green shipping corridors in facilitating this transition.

One key takeaway from the seminar was the need for a global regulatory approach to maritime decarbonization that promotes trade while leaving no one behind.

Member states and the industry were encouraged to play an active role in shaping a strong and inclusive revision of the IMO Initial Strategy, which is due to be revised in Spring 2023.

The seminar also explored the challenges and opportunities faced in building and scaling up green shipping corridors. While these corridors could serve as valuable testbeds for new technologies and low-carbon fuels, there are significant hurdles to overcome, such as infrastructure development, financing, and ensuring regulatory alignment across different regions.

Finally, the seminar considered how green and digital shipping corridors can complement ongoing efforts by the IMO and the industry to decarbonize the sector.

The use of digital technologies, such as blockchain and AI, could help optimize shipping routes and reduce emissions, while green corridors could provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders.

In conclusion, the seminar highlighted the urgent need for the global shipping industry to take action on GHG emissions and move towards a more sustainable future. By working together and embracing new technologies and approaches, the industry can pave the way for a more inclusive and low-carbon shipping sector.

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