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Idle Fleet Shrinks as Carriers Resume Some Halted Loops

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The inactive containership fleet continued to shrink to 453 ships for about 2.32 MTEU as of 22 June, a decrease of almost 300,000 TEU over the past two weeks. This downward trend reflects the market condition with carriers resuming temporarily suspended services and voided a lesser number of sailings.

As carriers have been active in picking up available tonnage in the market in the past weeks, in particular VLCS of 8,000 - 9,500 TEU -class with laycans in end June and early July, a further contraction of the inactive NOO fleet is expected. The inactive fleet decreases across all size segments, except for the 12,500+ segment that remains stable at 49 ships, while the biggest dip can is observed in the 3,000 - 5,099 TEU segment with a decrease of 20 ships, and an overall reduction of 68 ships as compared to the Inactive fleet count in early June.

The number of vessels that are undergoing scrubber retrofit stands at 51 ships for 555,505 TEU versus 61 ships for 614,004 TEU as of the previous count.

Source: Alphaliner

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