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From Wardrobe to Warm Compassion: MTT Shipping Clothes Donation Drive

We are delighted to share the heartwarming success of MTT Shipping’s Clothes Donation Drive.

Through the remarkable contributions of 45 MTT heroes in Selangor, we collected an astounding 325.5kg of clothing items.

From cozy t-shirts to warm jackets, stylish pants to adorable dresses and skirts, our donation pool included a wide variety of garments for males, females, toddlers, and infants alike.

Each donated piece was meticulously filtered by our dedicated team to ensure they were in good condition and sorted into categories for ease of distribution by our charity partner, the Food Aid Foundation (FAF).

With the invaluable assistance of FAF, these donated clothes will now embark on a journey to bring warmth and comfort to the families who need it most.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this donation drive.

Your generosity has truly made a difference, and together, we are

building a brighter and more compassionate world for all.

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