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New Initiative Launched to Encourage Ports to Accelerate Zero-Emission Efforts

Pacific Environment’s Ports for People campaign has launched a new initiative to assess port progress towards zero-emission shipping, P4P RePORT Cards.

As explained, the initiative aim to hold ports accountable for shipping emissions and encourage leadership towards zero-emission ports and shipping by 2040.

Credit: Ports of People

Pacific Environment selected 15 ports among the world’s top 50 container ports and other key ports in regions around the globe. The campaign calls on ports to make bold commitments for zero-emission shipping by 2040, with smart policies and progress recommendations.

Ports serve as gateways for global trade and international development, but they are also hotspots of shipping’s fossil fuel pollution and climate-warming emissions.

By leveraging port state authority and economic power, and collaborating with government partners and industry stakeholders, ports can play a leadership role in catalyzing the zero-emission ocean shipping transition this decade — and beyond, according to Pacific Environment.

“Ocean shipping emits 1 billion metric tons of CO2 every year – and on its current trajectory, maritime trade could grow by as much as 150% by 2050 over today’s trade volume,” the officials noted.

“Absent swift action to decarbonize the industryy, shipping emissions will derail concerted efforts to mitigate climate change and achieve the goals set forth by the Paris Agreement.”

Ports for People is campaigning to end port and shipping pollution by encouraging more decisive action in the fight for environmental justice and climate survival, where ports are recognized as one of the key players on the decarbonisation path.

Recently, the UK maritime sector has also called on the government to supercharge the delivery of energy network infrastructure to ports with new research and a transformational funding program.

The call came as the sector’s trade associations, the British Ports Association and the UK Major Ports Group, released a summary of data produced by The Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) that demonstrates the huge positive impact ports have on boosting jobs and prosperity around the UK’s coast.

Source: Offshore Energy

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