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MTT Shipping’s First Virtual Closing: The Delivery of MV MTT Samalaju

MTT Shipping kicks off the year of the ox by taking delivery of MTT Samalaju on the 5th of February. With the COVID-19 global pandemic travel restrictions still being enforced, the delivery was conducted through a video conference between representatives of MTT Shipping and the shipyard, Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding in China.

It has been the company’s tradition to name every ship in its fleet after a port in Malaysia except for MTT Saisunee and MTT Muara. Thus, the company named the vessel MTT Samalaju, after Samalaju Port in Bintulu, Sarawak.

MTT Samalaju is one of only 5 Bengalmax ships currently in operation globally. Equipped with the highest specifications and state of the art design to maximise energy efficiency while minimising her carbon footprint. With a total length of 159.85m and a nominal capacity of 1,162-TEU, MTT Samalaju will be the third Bengalmax in the MTT fleet.

MTT Samalaju is also fitted with hybrid scrubber system and ballast wastewater management system making her in full compliance with International Maritime Organisation regulations (IMO 2020).

The company would like to express sincerest appreciation to the Fujian Mawei team who remained fully committed and professional throughout the closing of MTT Samalaju despite the obvious challenges faced during the pandemic.

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