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Mastering Corporate Governance and Financial Analysis: MTT Shipping's CFO Empowers Team for Success

MTT Shipping is delighted to share the highlights of a recent training session led by our Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Yap Bee Yong.

Attended by Branch Managers and sales teams from East and West Malaysia, the session focused on the importance of corporate governance and financial statement analysis in the credit application process.

Ms. Yap Bee Yong, an expert in finance, audit, accounting, and risk management with more than 34 years of experience in the field, provided invaluable insights during the 2-hour training session.

She emphasized the significance of robust corporate governance practices in fostering transparency, accountability, and effective decision-making.

Furthermore, the training highlighted the critical role of financial statement analysis in evaluating a company's financial health, mitigating risks, and ensuring a healthy credit portfolio.

The active participation of our dedicated Branch Managers and sales teams from East and West Malaysia contributed to the success of the training session.

Their commitment to professional growth and collaboration is a testament to our organization's culture of continuous learning.

Equipped with the knowledge gained, our team is poised to make well-informed financial decisions, surpass customer expectations, and solidify MTT Shipping’s position as an industry leader.

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