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Maersk to Offer Emissions Tracker for International E-Commerce

Selected Maersk e-delivery customers in Europe will be able to register for a new tool in February to trace and analyse the emissions of their international parcels.

The Danish liner giant, which entered the European e-commerce logistics market in 2021 with the acquisition of B2C Europe, tapped German startup Cozero to develop analytics tools to improve greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions visibility.

“Our customers in the international e-commerce industry by design have large gaps in their GHG footprint visibility due to the high number of parties involved in the first, middle and last mile delivery process,” noted Christian Grosse Maersk E-Delivery chief product officer in Europe, adding: “This makes optimising emissions a challenge for them.”

According to Grosse, Cozero’s technology can provide detailed information on emissions on every step and component of an international parcel’s journey.

“This will help them (customers) to make smart choices and significantly reduce their GHG footprint,” he added.

The company will apply the GHG protocol’s globally recognised standards to each parcel’s detailed information, including weight, routing, and vehicle used to transport it in each leg of the cross-border delivery.

“Emissions data and insights will be visualised, making it easier to identify the main emissions contributors and take the needed actions to reduce them,” Maersk said.

The platform has already been tested with its first customers and will now be rolled out to more e-commerce clients and eventually be integrated into Maersk’s existing emissions dashboard, developed in 2021 to provide a one-stop shop to consolidate emissions data across all carriers and transport modes.

Source: Splash247

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