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Industry’s 1st Real-Time CII Dashboard Launched

Emissions verification company Verifavia Shipping has launched the real-time carbon intensity indicator (CII) dashboard to determine the operational efficiency and CII rating of ships over 5,000 GT.

Said to be the world’s first, the real-time platform provides a recording of vessel ratings as well as ongoing guidance for vessel efficiency to meet emission regulations.

According to the company, shipowners, operators, charterers and other users can use Verifavia’s CII dashboard to access the vessel’s current and predictive CII rating.

The dashboard also features a calculator which can forecast a vessel’s CII rating for a single voyage, time period or reporting period, Verifavia explains.

Furthermore, the calculator provides a roadmap for shipowners to understand when vessels and specific voyages will comply with CII regulation, and to anticipate any changes required to meet compliance.

“As the CII rating will be based on verified reports of IMO’s Fuel Oil Data Collection System, experience in the verification of carbon emissions the additional requirement of CII seamlessly falls into Verifavia’s verification process for IMO DCS.

The deadline for compliance is January 2023, which will be here before we know it”, said Julien Dufour, CEO of Verifavia Shipping.

“We believe our new dashboard is a cost-effective means of allowing shipowners and operators to plan and prepare ahead of time, anticipating the need for any operational or vessel design changes in advance, and making vessels more attractive to charterers”.

The CII is a new measure based on an operational approach that supports the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) objective of reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping by 40% by 2030, compared to 2008 levels.

The CII rating scheme will apply to all cargo and cruise ships of 5000 GT and above, which equates to all the ships which are already subject to the requirements of the IMO Data Collection System.

Source: Offshore Energy

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