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Singapore Announces Clean Harbour Craft Rules

Singapore’s senior minister of state for transport Chee Hong Tat has announced that from 2030, new harbor craft operating in the city-state’s port waters must be fully electric, be capable of using B100 biofuels, or be compatible with net zero fuels such as hydrogen.

A first charging station will be deployed by Shell at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Singapore on Pulau Bukom by June this year to support full-electric ferries owned and operated by Penguin International.

This will form part of a larger charging infrastructure implementation masterplan, which the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore will roll out by 2025.

Commenting on the news, Allyson Browne, climate campaign manager for ports at the NGO Pacific Environment, said:

“We applaud Singapore’s commitment to move towards 100% zero-emission port and ships through its 2050 net zero emissions targets. This transition requires a jumpstart this decade, and harbour craft are a great place to start.”

Source: Splash247

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